The Wet/Dry Diaper Pouch

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An Overview

The Diaper Pouch by Ah Goo Baby® fits nicely in any diaper bag or purse and keeps new diapers clean and fresh.  It can hold a travel pack of wipes along with 2-3 diapers, and it is perfect for those frequent day-trips with your baby in the stroller or car.  Even when your little one is beyond diapers, continue using The Diaper Pouch as the perfect place to store a second pair of underwear for those inevitable accidents.  The water-resistant liner can then safely hold the soiled linens to prevent any contamination to the rest of your bag.  Best of all, it is machine-washable, which makes cleaning it simple!  

  • Holds a travel pack of wipes, plus 2-3 diapers of any brand or size.
  • With the water-resistant liner, it doubles as the perfect wet / dry bag for soiled items.
  • Matching patterns that coordinate with all Ah Goo Baby® product lines.
  • Machine Washable, durable, and BPA-free fabrics.

What Goes Into Our Design?

The Diaper Pouch - Open With Diapers

DP pulloutliner
The Diaper Pouch by Ah Goo Baby® comes with the same water repellant liner that we use in our Plush Pad® product that you have come to love.  Also, similar to our Grab & Go Bag, we engineered The Diaper Pouch so that the liner can be pulled completely out, allowing easy access to shake out any sand or other items that might have found their way inside.  Additionally, the moisture wicking liner allows for smooth sliding of diapers in an out, so no fumbling around when it's time to get to business!


  • From end-to-end:  9.5 inches long x 6.25 inches wide.

Tamara Lesniewski

Tuesday, 05 July 2016

I got this bag for my diaperbag, to avoid having the diapers in a plastic resealable bag. This bag is beautiful, it's the perfect size and I love the interior lining. I like this bag better than the others that are similar on the market, which are essentially the same, but differ in size (this and the lining (the other brands have regular, silk-like fabric lining. I know this bag is going to stay in my diaperbag for a long time.


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